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About: is a complete and factual online directory and guide to crossbows for crossbow hunting or recreational crossbow shooting. The purpose of this crossbow guide was to supply good solid information on this rapidly growing sport to all now and future crossbowmen and archery crossbow hunters.
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Fact: Modern hunting crossbows are of the compound or recurve archery bow design that shoot arrows that are the same as any hand-held bow's arrow.

High Velocity Crossbows:
Barnett Crossbows: Buck Commander, Predator, Quad 400 & Revolution.
Excalibur Crossbows: Equinox, Exocet, Exomax & Vortex.
Horton Crossbows: Legacy CS 225, Team RealTree & Vision 175.
Parker Crossbows: Buck Buster 175, Cyclone Express 175 & Tornado HP 165.
TenPoint Crossbows: Phantom CLS, Phantom CLS-S & Phantom XTRA.
6 Point Crossbows: Defender CLS & Defender Mag Combo.

Medium Velocity Crossbows:
Barnett Crossbows: Jackal & Wildcat C5.
Excalibur Crossbows: Axiom, Ibex, Phoenix & Vixen.
Horton Crossbows: Legacy HD 175.
Parker Crossbows: Buck Buster 150, BushWacker & Enforcer 160.
TenPoint Crossbows: Lazer HP, Titan HLX & Turbo XLT.
6 Point Crossbows: GT Mag.
Wicked Ridge Crossbows: Invader & Warrior.

Low Velocity Crossbows:
Barnett Crossbows: Panzer & RC-150.
Horton Crossbows: Summit HD 150.

Very Low Velocity Crossbows:
Excalibur Crossbows: Apex.

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